The Electric Demons – Vancouver Metal Band

A note to the Legions of Demons:

Friends, it has been far too long. Too long since we last lit up a room together. Too long since we exchanged knowing looks as we raised the horns. Too long since we, fully and completely, kicked your ass.

The wait is over, amigos.

Come on down – one and all – to The Cellar Friday the 31st on January. It’s been a while since you had your last hit of Demons. We’ll fix you up.

Tearin’ it up at the Rickshaw!

I sat awestruck last night, as my neck muscles seized with strain and body shook with dehydration, considering what had just taken place. I, to this moment, still struggle to grasp the significance of what began as three like-minded bands just wanting to play a show together. What emerged was something so special, I’m finding it difficult to describe, but I’ll try: magic.

So much of the pure joy we feel stems from the sense of accomplishment that came with us doing this all on our own. Many don’t know that we had no help in this: no promoters, no hook-ups, no “inside tracks”. It took countless hours of hard work making this night a reality. THANK YOU EVERYONE for coming out and supporting us, making this all worthwhile. The response was beyond all of our wildest dreams.

Personally, I feel this is by far one of my finest hours.

So, let me salute those great people who made this all happen, with whom I share one of the greatest memories of my life:

The soulful Mat Dennison

Cliff Thiessen, Eric Fortin, and Giancarlo Laertini – the mighty MAN the WOLF

Curtis Wilson, Dayna Van Buskirk, Evie Gendron, Matthew MacMartin, and Sam Gent – the incredible Kicked Off the Farm

Murray Howes, Brian Sword, Melanie Felix-Sekoranja, (and me) – the dynamic The Electric Demons

And last, but not least – YOU -the fans. Thanks for making this rock n’ roll ride a special one.

- Dave

Burnin’ Down the House!

True to the “Fan-First” ethos of yer pals, The Electric Demons, we’re comin’ at ya with an absolute MONSTER of a show on Friday, 22 February 2013 at Vancouver’s (brace yourselves..) RICKSHAW THEATRE! This is a triple-headline slobberknocker of face-melting solos, killer grooves, and, above all, GOOOOOD TIMES and (wait for it..) CHEAP BEER!

Fans of The Electric Demons should be familiar with our buddies, MAN THE WOLF — you know those sexy beasts will be there. KICKED OFF THE FARM will be KICKING your ass up-and-down. And as for The Demons… let’s just say we’re REALLY motivated to rock yer socks off!

A brilliant venue. An unbelievable lineup. Cheap tickets. Even cheaper beer.

Don’t be “that guy” who ends up sitting at home, lamenting missing the show! Get off your ass, and come on down to The Rickshaw — your pals will be there. Trust us.

“Turn my Headphones Up!” — It’s About Bloody Time…

A grand “howdy” to our growing LEGIONS OF DEMONS!

Short of our BIG set at The Red Room on 3 November (thanks to all for coming out!), this month has been a quiet one in Demons’ Land as we get in some much-needed R n’ R. This all changes… NOW.

We’re shaking off the rust, and are creaking into Rock n’ Roll positions — the time has come. It’s RECORDING TIME!

Soon enough, yer pals, The Electric Demons, will have some pro-recorded, eeeeeasy-listening, fully downloadable, blow-the-poseur-hard-rock-wannabes-out-yer-ass tunes available for mass consumption! Stay tuned for more on this!

Say it with me now… “One More Time!”

Fresh off the heels of a knock-em-down-drag-em-out performance at Joe’s Apartment on 29 September, yer ol’ pals, The Electric Demons, are once again poised to leave you semi-deaf and wanting more! We’ll be bringing that authentic rock n’ roll sound you know and love; one that harkens back to the good old days… free of the pageantry and pomp, devoid of the superficial, noses thumbed at the spectacle… In a word: pure.

Come join us at The Red Room on 3 November… Old friends and new fans alike, ’tis a show you mustn’t miss!

The ELECTRIC DEMONS w/ Man the Wolf and 2 Days & Counting

Thanks to all of our friends who came out and joined us at Joe’s Apartment on Saturday, September 29th! Man the Wolf and 2 Days & Counting lit a fire that your ol’ pals, The Electric Demons, turned into an inferno! We blew the roof off the place! We can’t wait to see you all again!

Girls With Guns – March 30th

Join us on March 30th at Joe’s Apartment in Vancouver for the Girls With Guns fundraiser show. Partial proceeds going to the Downtown Eastside Woman’s Association –

Other bands on the bill are:

Night at the Chelsea
Uncle Sid

All bands have female members – but none rock as hard as our own Melanie Felix.

We go on at 8:00 pm sharp – so get there early.


Sisters and Misters Live Rock Night

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night! My Own Chaos, Grace Under Pressure and Shadow kicked ass, and a good time was had by all.


We even had a special guest appearance by Brian’s daughter Maddy

Two more shows coming up (The Red Room and LanaLou’s) with more shows being announced soon.

New line-up!

The Electric Demons are pleased to announce new members Dave Barroqueiro (Vocals) and Melanie Felix (Drums)! We are currently recording new music and are playing shows again. Thanks for everyone’s continued support.



No shows booked at the moment.